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We have years of experience in the building industry, and we have established ourselves as the leading class 2 builders in Australia.


We keep our clients involved all throughout the building process so they are aware of the possible costs and are confident on the work.


As professionals, we have the proper licences and insurance to keep our clients protected from unforeseen events during the building process.

Class 2 Builder Sydney

As a class 2 builder practitioner here in Australia, we are aware of all the reforms in the building industry that are set by the local council in order to ensure that our clients have the confidence to work with us. These reforms are added in the building codes and regulations in order to strengthen the bond between clients and builders, provide quality and safer buildings and protect home and property owners from possible problems with their contractors and builders. With those things in mind, let us learn about the additional provisions indicated in the latest reforms in the building industry.

Registration and CPD Requirements

Prior to starting any class 2 buildings, a class 2 builder practitioner is required to register all designs and compliance declarations in the planning portal to avoid any penalties and violations.

Compliance Declarations

Under the new reforms on the building industry, any projects concerning class 2 buildings should have regulated designs for their building elements, including waterproofing, fire safety systems and so on.

Insurance Requirements

In order to improve client confidence in the building industry, all class 2 builder practitioners are required to have adequate insurance coverage to protect both parties in the course of the entire project.

Planning Portal Registration

For all practitioners that have a class 2 builders licence, every building design should be registered on the planning portal in order to protect the interest of both the builder and the clients. Talk to us and learn how we can help you.

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Our team of professionals has a class 2 builders licence, a clear testament to the level of skills That we have. Contact us today and learn more about ouR Home Building services.

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When hiring a class 2 Builder inner west, the clients want to feel confident that they have made the proper choice. So it is important to remember that working with a building company that you can trust is the first step to a successful project.

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Class 2 Builder Sydney

What clients want for their class 2 builder practitioner are the track record of successful projects and years of experience. And this is exactly what we at Quantum Built have. Learn more about what we do now!

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